**Photo Challenge CIC 194 -- Summer **

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Re: **Photo Challenge CIC 194 -- Summer **

Dave wrote:

I have an idea that probably would have been easier to execute a few weeks ago but may be in prime time where some of you are. I was looking forward to the technical challenge as well as the possible pleasing outcome. What am I talking about? Why, none other than my favorite harbingers of the core days of summer. Fireflies. Have any of you shot them? If so, I'd like to see your results. If they are presently active in your area, I encourage you to try. I'm going to keep watching, and if there's a night when they are as dense as they were in early July, I'll grab my camera and tripod.

They are gone from where I live.  I tried to shoot them a few weeks back when we went camping in the flint hills but I failed miserably in my attempt.


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