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AOC wrote:

There are people who wait months and years to get just the right shot. This guy appears to peddle some fake version of reality that anyone can concoct and digital artists do all the time.

Oh good grief.. There's a marked difference between "doing it" and doing it and actually selling the work through your own gallery and getting well paid.

I see nothing more in his images than the cheap, dime a dozen wallpaper backgrounds we see on the Internet.

Well you can't hang those dime-a-dozen backgrounds on your wall now can you? But you can hang a huge Lik print on your wall, unlike most dime-a-dozen shots on the internet.

You remind me of people who slave at some ratty-behind 9-5 job all day long going on about how Rap music isn't really music, is just simple to make, isn't original, so easy to make that even their kid can do it... Yet here they sit, 20-30 years later still in their same crummy job, making the same crummy money... going on about how easy it is to create the same product that others are making hundreds of millions of dollars from.

I say, if it's that easy- why aren't you doing it?...

Yeah.. exactly..  

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