Godox Cross platform trigger and receiver question

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Re: Godox Cross platform trigger and receiver question

TonyLee123 wrote:

Hello everyone~!

I have a question. I’ve been a Nikon shooter and in transition to Sony. Therefore, I own about 6 Nikon flashes.

My question is If I put a Godox XPro-s transmitter on my Sony A7RIII and the A6500 and I wish to......

1.I put the Nikon SB-900 flash onto the Godox. X1R-N

2.I wish to trigger the AD200Pro simultaneously

3.I wish to trigger Godox V1-s flash

Will this setup trigger my Nikon flashes along with all other flashes by my Sony Camera?Thank you.

You can trigger all three lights, but the X1R-N doesn't offer cross-brand TTL/HSS/remote power support. When used cross-brand it'll become manual-only.  The only add-on triggers that do the cross-brand TTL thing would be the Cactus V6II.

You should have full TTL/HSS/remote power support over the V1-S and AD200 Pro.  It may make sense, if you are selling off your Nikon gear, to sell the SB-900 and use the money towards an additional Godox speedlight with a built-in transceiver (e.g., TT600, V850II, TT685, V860II, or V1).

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