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New Day Rising wrote:

Max Iso wrote:

rainydiary wrote:

Hi all

Now only sony's has animal eye AF. Does it just gimmick ?

For Canon and Nikon without animal eye AF does it hard to shot dog or cat ?


People have been taking great animal pics for decades, some without AF at all. Does that answer your question?

It only answers the question in a silly way. People took great sports photos for decades without any form of AF. If doesn't mean AF is a gimmick or that it doesn't make shooting sports easier and more reliable.

Then rain only asked the question in a silly way. Does it change photography? Not at all, it just makes it easier for people who weren't very good at photography before. That was one of many animal shots i have, look here is another. No eye AF needed, the AF is right on her eyes. Amazing eh?

Nobody shoots moving subjects with a DOF so small it won't cover more than the eyes. If they do, not one brand can keep it continuously on the eyes. Most action is shot with a longer lens, and f/2.8 or slower, which means it's not all that hard to aim at a face and keep the eyes in that focal plane.

If your standard is to pick an animal with the longest face you can find, while in motion and with a lens with narrow DOF, well that's neato. I wouldn't trade bad ergos and overpriced lenses for that in a million years.

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