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Nutty Lutty wrote:

J A C S wrote:

Nutty Lutty wrote:

Be very, very cautious if Canon or Nikon suddenly release "animal-eye" AF! Why?

Because they rushed out regular eye-AF and their so-called eye-aF is more like eyebrow/eyelash AF, if that! Sometimes, it even struggles to find the face (Z series Nikons).

If they're struggling to cope with plain old regular eye-AF, what hope do they have of mastering animal eye-AF?

BS. Even the so-called face detect of my 5D4 which does not have eye-detect is actually eye detect. I use it all the time.

Sure thing, whatever you say.

Your 5D4 cannot do it?

I have a bunch of test shots in my gallery, and in some of them, I was moving towards the subject, and the camera was tracking. Yes, it works on real people, I am using it all the time but I am not posting family or friends photos here.

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