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Re: NX1: 18-200mm or 50-150mm f/2.8 S

otto k wrote:

My kids train basketball and I stand next to the field so I use 16-50 a lot (even the wide end as they run 2m from me). For soccer I would use that excellent (so I hear, haven't had the chance to play with it) 50-150. I shot just one soccer game, from the stands, with 50-200 and I was pleased with the results (covered just one end). I think your lens on NX1 would do even better. 28MP leaves a lot of room for cropping (you essentially have a 16MP m43 sensor in the middle crop

Honestly I would mount NX1 and 50-150 and take NX500 with 16-50S just in case.

Great Idea: Didn't think about NX500 w 16-50S to Video Sideline action e.g. half-time/coach-w-players, players waiting to get in game, etc. (with my strong Photo tripod.

...experiment attaching Mic to real-time soccer player (might prove interesting).

Physically located anywhere on field (not stands), just 15 feet out-of bounds offers many advantages. Regardless if 200mm or 150mm, IMO, whole field not an option.

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