Ethics in Night Photography in the Real World

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Re: Ethics:how would then a legit photographer defend self?

True, it is all speculation. Either the photographer did it the way he describes on Facebook or he didn't. (Either way, the original issue in the OP was likely about the practice of light painting, not the bona fides of the photo.)

If he didn't do it the way he describes (everything in the landscape including the mountain peak lit by drones in a single 13-second exposure), this opens the door to almost any manipulation and pre-planning on location and later in Photoshop.

If he did do it the way he describes, certain things need to be explained for it to make sense. For instance, why don't we see evidence of the drone flying in the scene? Is it possible that a drone could be flown and light everything up sufficiently with the light source used (two Lume Cubes at full power) in a 13-second exposure without being visible given the field of view?

Could the Lume Cubes (about 1,500 lumens output or a little over half that if it was the Lume Cube Air model, with a 60 degree beam angle) be flown on the drone in such a way as to account for the production of distinct shadows directly under the bushes and rock outcroppings? It would have been an overhead source but only for whatever was directly under it; 60 degrees is a fairly wide beam.

Then there is the question of whether it is a single shot or a composite. The photographer certainly implies it is a single shot; he even gives the technical details of camera, lens, exposure time and ISO. Again, either it is or isn't. If definitive proof can be found that it is not, then the legitimacy of every aspect of the photo is open to question.

Is it fair to question if an image is legitimate? Unfortunately, there have been many examples of fakery in photography, some of them quite recent. In my opinion if a photographer makes a claim on a public forum that is in any way exceptional (and this one qualifies) then he or she had better be prepared to defend it.

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