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Re: Animal Eye AF

New Day Rising wrote:

Max Iso wrote:

rainydiary wrote:

Hi all

Now only sony's has animal eye AF. Does it just gimmick ?

For Canon and Nikon without animal eye AF does it hard to shot dog or cat ?


People have been taking great animal pics for decades, some without AF at all. Does that answer your question?

It only answers the question in a silly way. People took great sports photos for decades without any form of AF. If doesn't mean AF is a gimmick or that it doesn't make shooting sports easier and more reliable.

No eye AF, not even mirrorless, not even a camera from this decade! How did i ever manage...

Their eyes are closed and they are not moving. Not really the best example to support your argument.

Couldn't agree more, New Day. People have even been taking pictures before cameras as we know them were invented (think of those cardboard box pinhole cameras).

Speaking of antediluvian, the D300 certainly qualifies!

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