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Re: Peter Lik in the pudding

SonyOB wrote:

We are not wolves. We are apes.
In my world, a person who has the brains and the persistence to create a million-dollar enterprise is an alpha male. A leader with a vision. The status that Peter Link has achieved clearly indicates that he is one of them.

We are not wolves, but the terms alpha and beta and the behaviour ascribed to that was developed from a study on wolves and was then misapplied liberally.

Our closest living relative is the bonobo, which stray very far from the alpha-beta model.

They use sex and favours to negotiate.

Ah, postmodernists and the blank slate people!

We, like other animals, are very much guided by ingrained behaviours, much more than most people are willing to accept. And we do have variations in behaviour, both from nature and nurture. I am not arguing against that, I am explaining why the whole alpha thing is ill-informed.

Peter Lik has no status from his art. His money lends him status in our society, yes, but that doesn't make him a leader. I find neither his art nor business model visionary. Neither are original.

If you must persist with misapplied metaphor, Lone Wolf would be more apt. Also problematic, but closer.

We can learn from studying animals. Though, caution should be used in determining meaning within a species and extreme caution used across species. Especially simplistic models onto complex behaviour. And to be avoided when the model doesn't even fit the animal from which it was derived.

The alpha metaphor resonated because it was simple* and justified behaviour, much like the caste system in India. And it is just as artificial.

* we are a complex species, but we like simple explanations and attributions. Which is often to our detriment.

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