My first sample images from new M50

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Re: My first sample images from new M50

mirrorlessmahmood wrote:

I like the first one.   Has a moodiness to it.   I notice you used f2 in the second shot while I'm not sure that the resulting shallow depth of field is appropriate for it or what you wanted.  Tell me if I'm wrong and you were "shooting for shallow DOF."  If you focused on the tree and used F2, then the buildings to the rear would be less well focused and the planter to the right in the foreground also a bit out of focus.   A fairly wide lens like this 22mm lens is fairly forgiving of longer shutter times.  The rule is stay above the inverse of the focal length.  That would be 1/22  in this case.  So maybe 1/30 or 1/50 would work if you hands are steady.   With image stabilization which the 22mm does not have one can go even lower.

There is not a huge difference in distance between the near planter and the far buildings in this image so you don't need F7 or F11 to get really high DOF, but using maybe F5.6 would have given you good focus over the whole range of distances in the image without going very short on the exposure time.   The bottom line is, if you want good focus throughout an image like this, you want to push the aperture up until the speed gets down close to the limit of your hands.  In this case, raise the aperture maybe 3 stops (to F5.6) and lower the shutter three stops (to 1/150 second).   This shutter speed is well above that required for most hands.

You mentioned a goal of shooting in manual mode.  That takes a great deal of experience.  It's a great goal, but isn't necessary to get optimum images from the M50.  Program mode is only one step away from manual and a whole lot more convenient to use.  I stick with Aperture priority because I do landscape.  I keep ISO at 100 unless I need to raise it to ensure a shutter time that accommodates my old shaky hands.  I don't shoot at night or very early in the a.m. so rarely have to push the ISO up much to stay well above that 1/focal length rule of thumb.  And, of course, under these conditions I'm usually in the F/5.6 to F/7 or F/8 range.

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