Real cameras with telephoto lenses could have avoided this

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Re: most effective would’ve been...

Teila Day wrote:

araudan wrote:

LoneTree1 wrote:

So you wouldn't have to try to cozy up to a wild animal to get a photo with a phone.

Common sense would have been even more effective.

If the 9 year old received a painful compound fracture and permanent scar on her face as a reminder and as a way to bolster her stunted common sense on into her adulthood after making a full recovery.

If the adults would’ve gotten stomped and gored nearly to death and the stomping filmed in 4K brilliant, with brilliant color and perfect natural lighting and the parent(s) / guardian of the 9 year old charged with a felony.

I’m always rooting for the bison. It’s stupid people who make parks put up ugly signs and fencing ruining the world’s natural beauty for the lot of us.

The civil majority always suffer because of minorities and inability to confine their actions to lawful (or sane) ones.

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