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Bill Ferris wrote:

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Bill Ferris wrote:

Whatever one may think of his photography, style or use of compositing, Peter Lik has worked hard for his success. It's not the product of luck. Success wasn't handed to him on a silver platter. He worked his keister off, built a brand around his name and is reaping the rewards of his labor.

He has worked hard for his success, kudos for that. Not so much for misrepresentation of value by his galleries.

Hey, if customers are willing to pay $35,000 for a "Second Level Premium Peter Lik," that's the value. If they buy the print as an investment with the assumption it will increase in value over time, that's a risk they're responsible for taking. Very few art works actually increase in value. Their greatest value is typically realised the day they first sell.

The lesson: buy a work of art because you enjoy the piece and because having it on display in your home or business gives you pleasure. Investing in art is not a sound retirement plan.

I couldn't agree more... Art is meant to be appreciated and even if some folks may be making a killing reselling it, to believe that you can do the same is pretty foolish. The folks who make their living trading are folks who really understand about the art and the market for it. They aren't people who are thinking, "these are really bright, cool, colorful photos and I heard that this guy's work is collectable!"

Besides, the kind of chain gallery type place that this guy runs seems like the worst kind of spot to put your money in. On the one hand, I don't blame the guy for trying to make a buck but on the other hand, everything about this kind of art that's so much about marketing and selling seems like a bad investment. I think of people like Thomas Kinkade and how that (and so many other similar artists) just seem to be working something a lot like some kind of pyramid scheme. It also seems that the kind of really populist art that someone like Lik makes is rarely the type of thing that serious collectors collect and those are the people who are spending lots of money on art. The collectors seem to be more likely to collect either work that's historical or contemporary work that more avant guard, which is pretty much the opposite end of the scale from Lik's work.

If you like his work, great admire it! To spend tens of thousands of dollars, with the hope that you're going to retire on the profits is silly though... Why not just invest in tech stocks and if you want to decorate your house, find some lesser well known artists' work to invest in? You'll spend a lot less money and if you have a good eye, you'd be more more likely to be able to resell the work for a profit than you would from super-high priced over-hyped work like Lik's...

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