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jeffnles1 wrote:

roytempest wrote:

I was fortunate enough to travel to Las Vegas on business last week and, while I was there, took a quick look inside one of Peter's very expensive stores. Being a member of the proletariat, obviously I didn't buy any of his work.

I remembered that there is a lot of controversy in the photography community around his work.

I am not knowledgeable enough to know how "original" his work is, but I know there has been some controversy around whether certain images are composite, how much PP is reasonable, and the relative merits of his extraordinary ability to self-promote.

That said his images certainly are striking.


I sometimes think the general direction of conversation on DPReview lends more toward the technical and less toward the art of photography. I guess that is understandable with a site that is primarily focused on gear and we tend to "nerd out" on the technology and measurements (MP, MFT charts, lines per inch resolution, Chromatic Aberration, etc.).

In the "technical" perspective, yes, many of his images appear to be composites and pretty heavily post processed. However, looking at it through the eyes of an artist, it matters not how much post processing or how many composites make up the image. If we see it as art, the primary objective is to stir some emotion and the technology behind it becomes less meaningful.

There is a difference between "documentary" photography and "art" photography.

At least that's my thoughts.

That's my take on it too... This guy is in every way an artistic photographer and not a documentarian. With that in mind, why is it even necessary to put this guy's feet to the fire and make admit to the kind of thing that would only really matter if he was shooting for documentary purposes. In art, I say "anything goes" and that's sort of the beauty of it. One might prefer the kind of images that look less manipulated than this guy's work, but that's just a matter of taste and doesn't really get into any argument of ethics....

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