Real cameras with telephoto lenses could have avoided this

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Teila Day
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most effective would’ve been...

araudan wrote:

LoneTree1 wrote:

So you wouldn't have to try to cozy up to a wild animal to get a photo with a phone.

Common sense would have been even more effective.

If the 9 year old received a painful compound fracture and permanent scar on her face as a reminder and as a way to bolster her stunted common sense on into her adulthood after making a full recovery.

If the adults would’ve gotten stomped and gored nearly to death and the stomping filmed in 4K brilliant, with brilliant color and perfect natural lighting and the parent(s) / guardian of the 9 year old charged with a felony.

I’m always rooting for the bison.  It’s stupid people who make parks put up ugly signs and fencing ruining the world’s natural beauty for the lot of us.

Nothing reiterates a sign’s warning like a really good old fashioned multi-hoof ash stomping courtesy of a 2,000 pound beast.

.. just be sure to send me a text or email alert minutes prior so I can pop some corn and a open a cold pop, and curl up on the couch in anticipation of a great show... and a jog controller if you please... so I may rewind and frame-by-frame the good parts while pointing at the screen, telling the grandchildren that “such is a text-book illustration of “stupid people” French kissing karma...”

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