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SonyOB wrote:

The first thing that comes to mind when somebody is quoting such prices is a money-laundering scheme. While I freely admit that he is making the product that is well-timed and aimed at a wealthy (if color-blind) buyers, millions for a print goes beyond what I can believe. Unless there is something moving under the counter that we do not see.

Whatever, he's leading the life he chose and betas are paying, which is one of the laws of capitalism. I am sort of jealous. He is a ton smarter than I am.

Betas. You realise that the bloke who did the study that coined the term Alpha for wolves later did more complete research and realised he was wrong about the social structure of wolves? That their social structure is more complex than he previous had thought? And that human behaviour is even more complex than this?

And, even if the beta male bs was real, it implies that those following the traditional art world guidance on what to like are somehow "alphas", which is hilarious.

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