ISO Auto Min SS vs. Manual Mode-Auto ISO

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Re: ISO Auto Min SS vs. Manual Mode-Auto ISO

There is a lot of background information here, and I have to apologise to the in-depth posters that my attention span wasn't quite up to it. Did my best, and what I missed is my problem, not theirs.

I do not regard myself as an experienced photographer. I have returned to "real-camera" photography just a couple of years ago, with a long period of point&shoots since my OM1n. Here's my take from that perspective.

I had an a6000. A few months ago I moved to the a6500. ISO auto-minimum shutter speed is probably one of my favourite "upgrades."

Most of my models are sedate: Indian classical musicians, but they are on low-lit stages and they often move their heads around just a little too much. IBIS/OSS would take care of hand-held camera motion at much, much lower shutter speeds, but I do not want faces blurred by subject motion. And I want as little noise as possible.

A little blur in a moving hand can be good, but in a face, usually not.

I set the lens usually wide open: f1.8 for my 50mm. I set Auto-ISO 100-1600. I set ISO-auto-min at 1/125... and I'm good to go, as USAians put it, for most shots.

ISO-minimum-shutter speed takes care of that. But there is some flexibility. It keeps the ISO as low as possible, but once the highest ISO of the auto range is reached, it will reduce the shutter speed.

I'm using prime lenses, so a fixed value works for me. For I guess Fast/faster is ideal for a zoom.

My only wish: that the increments were smaller, because 1/100 would do me fine. Whereas 1/60 would only do for sometimes.

I guess... ISO Auto-minimum Shutter Speed prioritises things the way I want them prioritised. Perhaps it does not do so for somebody else in different situations.

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