Real cameras with telephoto lenses could have avoided this

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The short focal length in most phone cameras contributes to the problem by drawing visitors into unsafe distances, but the problem is the general public perception of the risk -- despite all the signs. If people were as wary of bison as they are of rattlesnakes there would be fewer incidents.

Fear of snakes is endemic, probably good because most people can't tell a constrictor from a venomous snake. But plant eaters kill more people every year than carnivores do every 10 years.


Got something to back up that statement? I am...skeptical, at best.


He is probably right. Cows kill lots of farmers every year. Elephants, Hippos and Cape Buffalo's are serious man killers.

In some regions in India Tigers are chasing humans but that's an exception. In the Sundarbans Tigers kill 20-25 people every year (on average). They even attack fishermen in small boats. No one knows why, it may have to do with the salty water, high tides, lack of normal prey etc. But as said before, this is an exception.

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