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Crash N Burn wrote:

Aaron801 wrote:

Crash N Burn wrote:

Peter Lik strikes me as a very, very dishonest "photographer." "Fabricator" might be more apropos.

I bet he has a team of minimum wage interns huddled over his images, working desperately to composite the rather uninspired originals into something passably compelling--and largely failing--and another minimum wage PR team working desperately to credibly deny that some (most?) of his work is composited--and also failing.

I have no opinion on the compositing part of it, but I wonder how you know that these folks are being paid only minimum wage...? To be be using Photoshop like that (or whatever imaging program that they use there) particularly at a level that a pro like Lik would require is really a skilled type craft and one that I'd expect that folks would be paid good money for...

Have you heard of the horn effect?

If he lacks transparency in his dealings with customers, he could be just as lacking in his dealings with employees.

So he pays his interns minimum wage... but TELLS them they are being paid more.

That's what you're saying.

If so, he's a genius and deserves his millions!

Man..the world is lucky to have here you to explain things Fregoli.

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