What is (and is not) "Negative Space"? (And how do you use it.)

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Re: What is (and is not) "Negative Space"? (And how do you use it.)

"Contemplate the void..."

Concentrate on the shape of the black rather than the shape of the chain and rope.

See how removing it changes your interpretation.

Your thinking appears to be far too literal in that you seem to be looking for a definition that describes what *negative space* is.

A label you can pin to it saying, "look, here it is!"

How do you draw a foreground and a background? You don't because in a 2D image everything is on the same plane, so what you do is create a relationship between two objects on the same plane that creates an illusion which your viewer interprets as visual depth, a figure/ground relationship. There are many ways to do this and they all involve an understanding of how we see and make sense of what we see.

How do you draw a background that enhances only the shape of the object you wish to be perceived as in front? What shape would it be?

Welcome to the concept/principle of negative space. As with all principles it describes a relationship between two areas and is not a description of one area. You need a positive for there to be a negative and you can define a positive space by drawing only a negative one. In fact by drawing the negative area you always define a positive one...

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