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Re: Very best laptops are Mobile Workstations

calson wrote:

One needs to know the jargon. The most powerful laptops are referred to as Mobile Workstations and sold by dealers that server the corporate market.

Nothing else compares to these machines for heavy lifting with graphics processing.

I run workstation desktops and while they're nice and a great deal off lease if you can go a few generations back there's little that makes them superior to a gaming rig.  10 bit color is the only thing that is potentially useful for photography and Nvidia locks that out of the GeForce cards software.

But otherwise Xeons usually run a little slower than the consumer equivalent with their main feature being ECC memory support which again isn't a big deal for photography.

In terms of performance it'll come down to the cooling off the specific system but since gaming laptops can have much larger coolers.  This would give them the advantage since the workstation would thermally throttle sooner.  Some gaming laptops can take advantage of this even further by overclocking.

And got extreme performance Alienware has a laptop with a full i9-9900k desktop CPU which is a lot faster than any mobile one.

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