Mirrorless at the Mueller hearing

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Re: Is it really?

T3 wrote:

Jonsi wrote:

GodSpeaks wrote:

Think about how much time and effort he had to put in to examine that photo and then identify and photoshop in the tags into that image.

The obsession of a ML zealot.

We see the same thing here with phones.

LOL, some people are apparently offended by changes that they don't like to see. And if anyone points these changes out, they are called "zealots". Seriously? Get over it.

Frankly, I just want people to get over the false narrative that pros don't use mirrorless, which is obviously not true. With every passing year, this false narrative gets weaker and weaker. These people are going to be on the wrong side of history.

The good news is that the signal to noise ratio is improving as the growing chorus attesting to the fantastic pro-grade capabilities of mirrorless progressively drowns out the ever-shrinking pool of shrill naysayers on the wrong side of reason, of rationality, of progress, and of history.

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