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Don Lacy wrote:

roytempest wrote:

I was fortunate enough to travel to Las Vegas on business last week and, while I was there, took a quick look inside one of Peter's very expensive stores. Being a member of the proletariat, obviously I didn't buy any of his work.

I remembered that there is a lot of controversy in the photography community around his work.

I am not knowledgeable enough to know how "original" his work is, but I know there has been some controversy around whether certain images are composite, how much PP is reasonable, and the relative merits of his extraordinary ability to self-promote.

That said his images certainly are striking.


I like Peters work for the same reason I like pop music it is entertainment while in Key West I enjoyed his gallery but I did find the work of another photographer a few store down to be significantly better. But here is the thing I don’t remember the name of the photographer or gallery unlike Peter. The only real issue I have is his I am not sure I would call it dishonest but lack of candor when it comes to his work on the resale market. The highest price paid for one of his prints at auction is right around 6,000.00 so for many of his clients who walked out the door with a limited edition 20,000.00 plus work of art end up finding out when they go to sell it that they have nothing more then a nice print worth a few grand if that.

Funny, that while I'm not a fan of  the man's work, I'm still not bothered by the fact that it sells for so much money. I often say "there's no accounting for taste," and figure that those with different tastes than mine are going to have much different priorities. I;m not bothered by the fact that John Coltrane's music has made far less that Brittany Spears even though I love Coltrane's music and think of Spears as a kind of hack. I believe that that the greatest artists follow their muse without much thought about compensation. A few of them get wealthy but a lot more artists that are more about the cash than the muse are the ones who are getting wealthy so I just chalk it up to a difference in priorities...

I look at work and really only think about whether or not I enjoy it, not waht other folks think about it or how much it may sell for...

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