Ethics in Night Photography in the Real World

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Re: Ethics in Night Photography in the Real World

Hi, I'm new to this forum as I've only recently started on Astrophotography, but I've been an amateur photographer for quite a few years now. So apologies in advance as I know I have little "astro" cred here!

Having got my disclaimers out of the way, to me (as others have suggested), on my big screen that photo looks like a composite of at least two images, one of the foreground taken in the day and the other of the background. The mountain line looks too sharp to me and is most probably the boundary where the layers are being blended / composited. The foreground looks too bright (even for light painting) and the sky looks too blue and brightened up to get the Milky Way like that naturally...some aggressive levels and curves or something weird going on has been applied to a darker Milky Way shot.

Its all fine as long as the photographer is honest about it as others have suggested. To me it all looks a bit fake, unnatural and more like a painting. It borders on visual art more than photography. I guess its just not to my taste.

Thanks for posting the link to his work...I'm sort of working out what I like and the approach I would like to take for my own photography.

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