What is (and is not) "Negative Space"? (And how do you use it.)

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Re: What is (and is not) "Negative Space"? (And how do you use it.)

Goethe wrote:

stevo23 wrote:

SonyOB wrote:

From how I see things, nobody has a monopoly on the concept of 'negative space'.
The way Just Tim 4 sees is just as valid as yours. Of course, for communication to occur, agreeing on the word meanings is essential.
Your point of view is valid but not the only valid one there is.

To me, the Japanese idea of 'ma' is fascinating as it likens the 'negative space' to a pause in music or speech as well as a space left without visual clues in a painting that you need to fill (or otherwise relate) to the painting as a whole. 'Ma' also refers to the short pause in a bow, which adds the feeling of respect and appreciation.

I need to read more into 'ma'.

I like that you brought that in - it's wholly different place that it comes from. I too will read more into it.

If you like then then look up mono no aware, which I am fascinated by. I honestly believe the Japanese are the most woke among us.

Also, wabi-sabi.

They always surprise me.  I like the way they adhere to principles and work out creativity within those concepts.

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