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Re: Some people don't have enough sense to avoid a dangerous situation

They stay there year round staying away from wolves. I've seen them in the middle of the night, dawn, breakfast, mid-day, evening, dinner, and sunset. I've seen/heard them there bugling, rutting, attacking cars and cement trucks, mating in front of the NPS headquarters (literally - fully engorged and out), and eating out of the flowers the NPS places wire around. They are always there.

Last year was the densest amount yet (in my 5 Mammoth stays over the past 12 years). They were there when we checked in at 3. We drove around them. There were half a dozen in the courtyard among our set of cabins. We skirted by them by 3 feet away to get into our cabin. They were on the hillside next to the cabins (with little elk). They were still there when we ate dinner. They were still there when we came back around 9 (after a 2 year old grizzly ignored the NPS rule and wandered within 3 feet of us -darned bear). At no point in our most stay at Mammoth were they not there, and at pretty much at all points in time could I see people and elk closer than the rules mandated. Now all of a sudden a buffalo (also a common sight at Mammoth and elsewhere) unfortunately and sadly charges and tosses 9 year old and people are up in arms about stupid humans breaking the rules?

Now could people, as you said, not use a specific picnic table? Sure.  But when it is a constant presence people and elk eventually ignore the rules/barriers. And frequently crossing paths is completely unavoidable anyway.

Look, I brought my 8 year old with me last time. I get it.  I feel for the kid and her family. If they made a mistake, and we don't know enough about what they (not others) specifically did, it was not moving along faster (assuming that opportunity  existed at all) when other people got too damned close and started doing stupid things. Some human/animal interaction at close range at Yellowstone is inevitable. Rules be damned. The problem is when people don't try to minimize that inevitable interaction and push boundaries when they don't need to. That likely applies to the group of morons who apparently surrounded the buffalo.

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