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roytempest wrote:

I was fortunate enough to travel to Las Vegas on business last week and, while I was there, took a quick look inside one of Peter's very expensive stores. Being a member of the proletariat, obviously I didn't buy any of his work.

I remembered that there is a lot of controversy in the photography community around his work.

I am not knowledgeable enough to know how "original" his work is, but I know there has been some controversy around whether certain images are composite,

Some of his work is obviously composited.

how much PP is reasonable,

This is a personal preference. On these boards, people tend to say they hate too much PP. But there is no objective standard for "too much."

and the relative merits of his extraordinary ability to self-promote.

He is bloody good at that.

That said his images certainly are striking.


Most of his work is not to my taste. However, my only personal issue with him is that he obscures the fact that his work is processed. This heightens the fallacious idea that SOOC is somehow the gold standard.

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