Real cameras with telephoto lenses could have avoided this

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Re: Some people don't have enough sense to avoid a dangerous situation

I have a bit of a different view.  Particularly with respect to the elk you showed.  That is absolutely normal. Those elk are in those exact spots virtually year-round.  I've stayed at that hotel 5 times.  And those elk were there in those exact spots all 5 times.  There is frequently no way to get out of buildings, particularly in a cabin. Speaking of cabins, during the rut (in particular) the NPS and/or Xanterra posts guards during the night to warn people stumbling out of their cabins to not go to a certain bathroom (because many cabins don't have bathrooms) because a bull elk is near said bathroom and is grumpy.

So when I see people saying "person X is an idiot, they should have stayed away" I personally think that this is mostly self-righteous behavior.  Avoid the animals?  Are you kidding?  How? It is frequently totally impossible. Detour so as to avoid them?  Where? Through that thermal feature that will literally melt the flesh off my bones?

Now my view does not extend to abject stupidity, like a crowd surrounding a buffalo.  Trying to pat it's head or something. But honestly the opposite view espousing the "distance rule" is darned near as brain damaged as surrounding a buffalo.  You cannot go to Yellowstone without coming into close proximity to animals. In your car.  On foot.  Whatever. But you must teach yourself about the risks and pay attention to the animal. It's not a petting zoo, but there is also assumed risk at all times. It is fundamentally not a safe place. It's not supposed to be. But you can manage your risks simply by not being brain damaged. The NPS distance rule isn't written on some stone tablet as some sort of Commandment.  It is a proxy which simply tries to get people to educate themselves and pay attention.

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