A plea for Left-Handers

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A plea for Left-Handers

I'd like to put up a request to DPReview staff, especially those reviewing Cameras:

Please test and comment upon the use of the camera by a left-handed person.

The reason for this is as follows: up to 20% of all humans are lefties, and not all of them are at all happy using their right forefinger to  release the shutter.

In the old days of mechanical shutter releases, there were such things as release pistol-grips, which were a great help.

The electronic equivalent remote release depends on an easily-broken plug-and-socket connection and a device at the end of a cable, which doesn't help anyone to hold the camera.

OK, you can use a smart phone, but however good the pictures, it ain't as nice to use as a camera.

Touchscreens are great, but has anyone tested them as the sole means of taking the picture?

Comments and alternative solutions welcomed!

P.S. and please don't tell me "there's no demand . . ."

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