Ethics in Night Photography in the Real World

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Re: Ethics in Night Photography in the Real World

swimswithtrout wrote:

This is just a "mild" example of what passes for acceptable practices in the FB crowd....

Like others posting I think it looks fake, at least my brain tells me it isn't authentic. But if he wants to fake his photos or push his PP to an extreme limit and beyond, that is his call. I don't care for it, but I'm not the AP PD.

However, I would be extremely angry if I had also hiked 7 miles into the wilderness lugging tons of equipment to enjoy a night of AP, or even just enjoy a night in the wilderness sans cameras, and then had some jerk light up the night sky all around me. That is the part of this story which infuriates me. The part where a self centered jerk can screw up other people's plans for nice night in the wilderness sans LP by introducing LP therein. (Although I doubt he could have produced the amount of light in the way he claims to have done it.)

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