What is (and is not) "Negative Space"? (And how do you use it.)

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Re: What is (and is not) "Negative Space"? (And how do you use it.)

Pretty much. We always try to understand what we see and that understanding is drawn from our memory and experience. I could photograph a house and we would all recognise the reality of the object because nearly all of us have experience and memory of houses. But our feelings or impressions of the house, big/small etc, come from our own bias.

But we all recognise the house as an object, as the *shape* in the image.

If I drew a house as a simple outline then I could just as easily be drawing the background and where it ends, but you will still see and interpret a house as see it as the object and the *not house* as the negative space. It is a perceptual distinction because we are trying to form an understanding of what we see. But it is important in drawing 2D representations of a scene that you understand that you are also drawing the shape of where the background ends as well, even though you are drawing it with the understanding that it continues behind the object as it does in 3D space. This is the reality of 2D imaging, you are drawing a representation of the half of an object facing towards you and communicating an understanding of the full 3D object whilst also drawing the shape of the background to fit against it with an understanding that it actually continues behind the object...

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