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This is possibly far-fetched but I wonder if it has any relation to the "battery drain" issue of the D500... I recall many complaining about this.. it affected me too, it wasn't until I bought a third party battery that I got a good amount of shots out of the it.
Battery manufacturing issues?

And about CIPA ratings, I have no reason to doubt what Michael is saying - but I guess many people, like me, aren't really that interested delving deeper into how the CIPA-rating works as opposed to "this is how many shots I got with my DSLR - how many can I expect with a MILC?"

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Before I actually got the Z6 one thing was worrying me and that was the battery life.

It was rated a puny 310 shots per charge and initially this was a deal breaker for me.

However, shooting extensively since I got the camera a month ago my result has been an average of 750-900 shots per charge; much much better (using the battery that came with the camera but also the battery that came with my D500)
/Just throwing this out to people who are thinking of getting a Z6/Z7 camera.

It's not misleading if you know how the CIPA rating is determined. In addition, the CIPA rating is not meant to be an accurate depiction of how many shots YOU will get with the camera. It's a rating that can be used to compare to other cameras that you might be considering.

To many factors go into battery life. Just look at some of the responses here. Some say they never/rarely get even 400 shots. Others say they get 1000 shots. I don't use the menus that much, I review maybe every 5th photo. I don't use my camera to go through all the photos I've taken that day, I take single shots, rarely use burst modes. I never shoot video. I often take a lot of time looking through the EVF to get just the right photo. I'd say I rarely get 400 photos.

CIPA rating considers that a portion of the battery charge is used for still photos, taking video, reviewing photos, going through menus, how long the camera is left turned on, and more.

If you spend an hour looking through the EVF composing and waiting for the right opportunity and end up taking 4 pictures, you are going to get terrible battery life. If you know what you want to shoot, compose quickly, always fire off 10 shot bursts, and never review the photos you are going to get excellent battery life.

There is very little to no difference in how I use my Z7 and a number of other mirrorless cameras over quite a few years including the Sony A7rII and you won't convince me that the CIPA ratings give me any reliable indication of how these cameras compare being used almost exactly the same way. The Z7 and the Sony A7rII are rated almost identically and the performance between the two is night and day and easily noticeable.

And you're glossing over the fact that other than someone in this thread with all of one post on dpr.... hardly anyone is saying they never/rarely get even 400 shots. The overwhelming majority are getting significantly more than that and the user reports have been very consistent in this regard from day 1 of the Z7 release. Contrast this with users of the Sony A7rII and you'll be lucky to find 2 out of 10 saying they're getting 400 shots and you certainly won't find a majority saying they're getting anything close to 600-700+ shots. So for cameras rated almost the same I'd say the real world results for the Z6/Z7 is conservatively twice that of the A7rII.

You're saying that it isn't confusing if you understand how the CIPA rating is determined but understanding how the rating is determined isn't the goal... the goal is (or should be) actually using the CIPA number to get some idea of what battery life will be whether that is based on a typical use case or as you've said based on how it compares to similar cameras being used in the same way. You can't convince me that you can use the NIkon Z6/7 CIPA ratings for anything useful whether based on a common use case or as compared to other similar mirrorless cameras.

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