Shutter Speed Keeps changing when with Bracketing

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The same negative effects you would get from increasing the iso, of course.

Not necessarily. The negative effects can differ both in look and cause. Pro and Cons to both methods

Ok, but what are the pros of iso bracketing? Since every stop of iso you go up you lose 1 stop of dynamic range, don't you end up with the same amount of information?

Let's do some math. You increase the overall exposure by 1 with iso, but you are losing half ev on shadows and half ev of highlights so you end up with the same information.

If you increase exposure by two stops by iso you lose 1 stop of shadows and 1 of highlights, and so on.

Say outside is EV15 (F4 at 1/2000, not that uncommon), you shoot iso 100 on a D810 you get around 11ev of dynamic range, so you photograph from 9.5 to 20.5 EV.

Add +5 to that to shoot for 20EV (same shutter and aperture but 3200 iso) with 6.6EV of DR you photograph from 17.7 to 23.3 EV.

If you shoot 18EV (iso 800 from the first example) you get 8.44DR, so you go from 13.8EV to 22.2EV.

If all this "bro science" is correct, I suppose iso bracketing could be helpful if it's really dark, you don't want camera shake or you have moving elements in the photo, and need to get these extra EV of detail in the high part of the image.

I like it more after doing the math.

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