Shutter Speed Keeps changing when with Bracketing

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Bender79ita wrote:

Mako2011 wrote:

Bender79ita wrote:

May i ask what's the point in iso bracketing with an iso invariant sensor?

100 iso +5 ev in post or 3200 iso is almost the same thing nowdays (unless... Canon, basicly).

"Post-processing software doesn’t like it when you brighten photos too much. Sometimes, you’ll end up with odd white balance shifts, or even potential sources of noise and discoloration. These artifacts are added by the post-processing software, not by the camera itself. Even a perfectly ISO invariant camera potentially could experience them"

The same negative effects you would get from increasing the iso, of course.

Not necessarily.  The negative effects can differ both in look and cause.  Pro and Cons to both methods

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