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Re: Best raw files for post processing

Slimpie1972 wrote:

I've mostly problems with the green fooliageand the sharpening of it.. If I'm doing something wrong please tell me.

I use lightroom for sharpening. Amount not further than 40 and details on 5. Radius on 0.8. and masking between 0 and 50 depending on the subject.

I can relate to your situation.  When I moved from Nikon to Fuji, Lightroom was terrible for processing my .raf files - particularly green foliage or brownish surfaces like concrete or small patterns. I followed all the suggestions for adjusting sharpening levels, masking etc. Nothing really worked well. Even the new "enhance details" in LR didn't fix the problem clearly.

Since I was invested in Lightroom and wanted to keep using it, I tried Iridient X-transformer which was inexpensive and converted my .raf to .dgn files. Massive improvement, it really worked well.  Highly recommend it if you stick with LR.

Like others though, I moved on especially after the rumours that LR was upping the subscription price.  I now use darktable which is free, very powerful, and gives you options on which method to use for demosaicing raw files in post processing. That's even better for my fuji raw files now.

As many have said, don't give up on fuji or x-trans, just find better software that uses alternative demosaicing process than LR and you'll see much better results.

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