Real cameras with telephoto lenses could have avoided this

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Re: Real cameras with telephoto lenses could have avoided this

''Witnesses say the bison was surrounded by a group of 50 visitors, far closer than the recommended distance away, for about 20 minutes before it charged.''

The official advice is to stay 70ft (23m) from all large animals in the park. From my experience, even with cattle  this is often too close. I've been attacked by a Galloway (lovely little hornless cow found in petting zoos) from a distance of 300 meters.

A Galloway cow weighs 600 kg and approaches you with a speed of 40 km/h. That does some serious damage and I only survived because I reacted immediately when it stepped out of the herd at 300 meters. I ran to a fence at maximum speed, it was a close call. And yes, this was a regular hiking path.

Ok, and then you see these videos of people close to bison 

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