Sky Replacement software — are people really using this?

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Re: Sky Replacement software — are people really using this?

Bing Chow wrote:

wco81 wrote:

You can’t always get perfect or dramatic light. Sucks because you might have traveled to see and photograph a place. But these places are still beautiful, worth capturing.

I know the feeling. You've spent a lot of money, taken time off work.....and weather sucks. But you know what? I wouldn't want it any other way. It makes it harder. It forces you to be creative and shoot other things or in other ways. It invites you to go back. It makes the awesome shots truly valuable. Can you imagine how boring it would be if everyone came home with portfolio grade shots? If every sky is dramatic, epic, moody, or hyper-real, I'd give up. Or if every time you wanted lightning or storm clouds, you could summon it? That's no fun.

I couldn't agree more. Everyone is free to pursue photography for whatever reasons most appeal to them, but for me personally, I'm mostly in it for those rare moments of grandeur, where you're experiencing and trying to capture something that most people either don't get to see or simply overlook. If those moments were common, or in this case never happened at all (with sky replacements), I wouldn't get nearly the same joy as I do from being out there and seeing something special.

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