Tilt-Shift lens worth it?

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  1. Michael Fryd wrote:

mmarian wrote:


Mostly agree but you have conveniently or deliberately missed one significant aspect of my argument and that is that you are loosing significant part of you image when correcting paralles in post. And it is very hard to visualize how much of the sides and corners you are going to loose when shooting and composing your shots. With TS-E lenses you see your final composition. And that is a huge benefit which can not be discounted or ignored!!

That absolutely is a benefit.

However if I have the camera aimed up, I know that I get to keep whatever is at the bottom, of the frame, and I will end up with whatever is straight above that.

For instance, if I have 10 feet of space on either side of the bottom of the building, and the building has straight sides, then I will end up with 10 feet on either side throughout the buildings height. This is true even though in the viewfinder I will see much more space on either side of the top of the building.

Personally, I don't find this to pose much of a challenge, but it may not be for everyone.


Another advantage of tilt/shift lenses is that they allow you to tilt the plane of focus. If you are shooting the facade of a building, and want to shoot it from off to the side, then it can be helpful to tilt the plane of focus to match the front of the building. With a regular lens, you would need to resort to a small aperture and deep depth of field.

The best workflow may very with the specific shot. Some shooting styles will benefit a lot from tilt, and other photographers may never need it.

There is no single solution that is right for everyone.

The OP asked about the benefits of TS-E lenses and if they are worth the price. He also stated his dedication to achieving the best possible quality in his work and he seems to mean his dedication seriously. Telling him that a WA zoom lens can fully replace the TS-E lenses is misleading  and simply not true. And that is all I have been trying to convey.

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