Tilt-Shift lens worth it?

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Re: Tilt-Shift lens worth it?

"The 11-24 zoom allows precise framing and if you keep the camera level the issues can be minimized."(Quote)

You are kidding, right? Framing is done by positioning of the camera relative to the subject in front. To assist precise framing a geared head can surely help. But a lens? You probably mean zooming? Well that is a virtue of any zoom lens not just your 11-24mm. Zooms are very convenient to use but I am yet to meet a true dedicated pro architectural photographer who would prefer zooms over TS-E lenses. TS-E lenses require more time, discipline and deliberation but if an assignment allows for that, and most true architectural assignments do from my experience, they are hard to beat. Realtor shoots probably do not belong to that category a zooms are surely way to go but that is not what the OP asked about😉

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