Nikkor 35/1.4G not up to high res sensor demands?

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Re: Nikkor 35/1.4G not up to high res sensor demands?

I will also attest to what Mike said. The sigma 40 1.4 just really has its own "look" that very much resembles a Zeiss look. It's incredibly sharp (probably my sharpest lens along with the Zeiss Milvus 25 1.4 ZF2), and It's such a beautiful lens to use for environmental portraits, events ect. I've yet to shoot landscapes with it but based on my side by side testing I did with the sigma 35 1.4 it left me near speechless just how much better the 40 1.4 really is. It's wide open performance especially at infinity just blows away the sigma 35 1.4 and tamron 35 1.8 I used it against. I used it recently on a hike (what a bad idea that was! Sigma 40 is not a hike friendly lens LOL!) and oh man the way things just melt away, the colors and rendering is so gorgeous.

And as mike said too, everyone has a different taste and different tools for the job. I use my tamron 35 1.8 (been wanting to test out the tamron 35 1.4) for close up shots, and my sigma 40 1.4 for events and general shooting. The sigma 35 1.4 has been sitting in the corner lately

I was actually really lucky to grab a perfect brand new retail copy of the sigma 40 1.4 art discounted by $400. It was on sale at adorama for only one day.

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