Tilt-Shift lens worth it?

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Re: Tilt-Shift lens worth it?

mmarian wrote:

I have 5DIV and all Canon TS-E lenses from 17 to 90mm including the new 50mm macro and I can not imagine my working life without them. I shoot mostly high end architecture and interiors for magazines, direct commissions from architects and interior designers and to me these lenses are a must. I do not have the 11 to 24mm so I can not comment on usefulness of that one but I suspect that my clients would not appreciate the 11mm wide perspective.

I agree that the 11mm used recklessly will look poor. OTOH a stitched 17mmTS-E image has the AOV of 12mm.

Like using the 17 for a view with minimal room to site the camera and the demand from the client that they WANT the view. Then the 11 works well. It also can fail dramatically as  some interiors in particular will not render well.

The 11-24 zoom allows precise framing and if you keep the camera level the issues can be minimized.

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