Tilt-Shift lens worth it?

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Re: Tilt-Shift lens worth it?

Ian L wrote:

mmarian wrote:

I have 5DIV and all Canon TS-E lenses from 17 to 90mm including the new 50mm macro and I can not imagine my working life without them. I shoot mostly high end architecture and interiors for magazines, direct commissions from architects and interior designers and to me these lenses are a must. I do not have the 11 to 24mm so I can not comment on usefulness of that one but I suspect that my clients would not appreciate the 11mm wide perspective.

If you don't mind me dragging this conversation sideways a little bit - how did you get started shooting for magazines? So far, to the best of my knowledge I've only done one shoot that I think has gone to print, although unfortunately i don't have any copies of it. It was for a mansion Ethan Allen redecorated. But I'd love to get more shoots like that.

I started getting regular comissions from various magazines about 16 years ago. Well before Instagram and Facebook existence and in fact before digital cameras came into prominence. I simply had my portfolio folder under my arm and went knocking on publishing houses editor's doors. One day I got lucky and one managing editor probably liked my attitude and my work. I offered to do first job for free and with no commitments from either side. I had my Hasselblad 503 then with Distagon 40mm and a couple of other lenses. Anyway, she sent me a job shortly after and she must have liked what I did on the first assignment and how I handled it becauce it got published and I have been shooting for that publishing house ever since. Later also for several other editors in charge of several architectural and interior design magazines this house produces. Since then I was approached by other publishing houses and as we say the rest is history... Today, I can imagine the social media is the way to promote your work but I am a strong believer in personal interaction and face to face contact.

Good luck...

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