Real cameras with telephoto lenses could have avoided this

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jcharding wrote:

I've seen the video. It appears to have been deleted. From what I remember your statement is way off base.

What were these people doing? We have no idea.

Sure we do.  They were clearly ignoring the NPS distance guidelines which are meant to keep the general public safe. The result was a tragedy and not something to be made light of as the OP did.

This is not to say that they were innocent - they might have been making noises at the buffalo to get it to pick its head up. But quite honestly they might just have been walking by on the trail. And quite honestly I've been in that exact situation at Yellowstone. With buffalo and elk common, sometimes you have no choice but to ignore NPS distance limitations.

You don't know how to back up or go around?

With me and the buffalo (on a different trip), i was hiking back from Fairy Falls and Imperial Geyser. Lots of buffalo, and I and others are on the trail. We aren't stopping. We are just walking. Two buffaloes do a walk by of each other, sizing each other up. It isn't mating season, but they are practicing anyway. The "loser" of the buffalo walk by rolls in the dirt (trying to prove it is still manly even though it "lost"), and for the first time eyes us. We beat a hasty retreat and walk even faster. Fortunately we aren't charged, but it easily could have been a different outcome because we were about as close as this family. Would you have suggested that we wait an hour until the buffalo moved? Because by then it would have been dark.

Common sense would suggest that.

So, despite NPS guidance, some human - animal action is unavoidable at Yellowstone. Sure the humans could wait an hour or so until the animals move and can follow the rules perfectly, but sometimes you just have to evaluate the animal. Am I making it uncomfortable?

No you don't "have to".  You can "choose to" if you feel getting to your destination outweighs the risk.

In this instance there is no indication the animal is uncomfortable. It goes from quietly grazing to charging instantly. This is bad luck - probably. We again don't know the full story. But to use their misfortune to torch the family to have needed a longer lens? IMHO way out of bounds.

Bad luck?  Most certainly.  And I agree, the OP was way out of bounds.

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