Reasons for wanting higher mega pixel count

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Re: My only reason

Batdude wrote:

dv312 wrote:

Cropping, cropping, and more cropping

Ultra necessary for birding

Everything else is just icing on the cake

Just curious, I am not a BIF photographer and own zero zoom lenses and the longest FL I have used was the Sigma 150-600 at the camera store parking lot. From my own personal experience and the very little I have used long lenses what I understand is that it is not easy to photograph moving objects with long lenses, but the point is this, don't you have to be extreme careful as to how you shoot anything that is moving specially with higher MP cameras?

Doesn't it get worse as you increase MP? When you crop, and crop and crop (or in general) isn't there more blurr if one doesn't know what they are doing? You make things sound very simple

Oh, it's far from simple. I've tried to shoot static subjects at 300mm and found that even from a tripod it's really difficult to get an animal in focus and captured without motion blur (camera or lens motion blur, rather than subject movement), but if you're shooting at f8 1/2,000 sec. at ISO 400 or 800, you can sometimes catch an animal, even a moving one, without much blur. If you can then crop to a 12 MP photo instead of an 8 MP photo, it'd be nice. It's not going to make or breake the photo, and sure motion blur and focus are your biggest challenges, but that added benefit of being able to crop a little more and still end up with 8 MP gives the photographer with the 60 MP sensor an advantage, however small that advantage might be. But we're talking race cars here. The A7r III is a top camera. We're not talking about upgrading from a lowly Sony A7 here. You're not going to win any races in a 1998 race car, if you're running in the Daytona 500 next year with it.

It's the same concept with BIF. You'll do better with the A7r IV than you would with the A7r II or III . . . a little better . . . and a lot better than you would with the A7r or the A7 . . . and maybe a whole lot better than you would with a NEX 7. Here's a thought though: If you spend about $3,000 on a good new 70-200mm f2.8 GM OSS lens kit with a 1.4x teleconverter and $500 on a Sony A6000, you'd probably do better catching good photos of birds in flight than if you were to upgrade from an A7 to an A7r IV, but kept trying to shoot with your old 24-240mm f3.5-6.3 OSS lens.

In other words use the right tools for the situation. An A7 is great for shooting indoors, and that 24-240 is a very versatile lens. You CAN use such a kit for shooting BIF, and you CAN upgrade by moving up to the A7r IV, but you can also upgrade by getting a better lens and a second body with a crop sensor for the same money. Then you have two kits, and you can upgrade your indoor shoots with that f2.8 lens too, while keeping the reliability of having two bodies. In some situations the A7r IV would do better, even with the super-zoom lens, but sometimes the better f2.8 lens will shine, and you can get better photos than you would with the super-zoom on the better A7r IV body.

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