Z6 battery life misleading...

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Re: Z6 battery life misleading...

Flowchart wrote:

Before I actually got the Z6 one thing was worrying me and that was the battery life.

It was rated a puny 310 shots per charge and initially this was a deal breaker for me.

However, shooting extensively since I got the camera a month ago my result has been an average of 750-900 shots per charge; much much better (using the battery that came with the camera but also the battery that came with my D500)
/Just throwing this out to people who are thinking of getting a Z6/Z7 camera.

I think you will find your experience to be consistent with just about every other Z6/Z7 owner.    There are a few people that insist on defending CIPA but at least for this camera their testing is beyond worthless...   it is actually detrimental because it creates so much confusion with their rating being nowhere close to reality regardless of how you use the camera.   I'm sure there is a very small percentage that uses the camera in a way that gets close to the 310 shots per charge but I'd sure like to see how they're doing it  .

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