Reasons for wanting higher mega pixel count

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Re: Reasons for wanting higher mega pixel count

Cudacke Dees wrote:

Jacques Cornell wrote:

Cudacke Dees wrote:

10 years ago people say 12MP is enough.
12MP which is 4272 x 2848 on Sony camera.

It is only slightly larger than my 8MP 4K resolution 15 inch HP spectre x360 laptop screen which I look at every day no farther than 2 foot.
I won't even be able to APS-C crop it and still get a full screen image.

with 24MP a APS-C crop barely larger.

so yea unless you are planning to die in 10 years.....

What's your point? Ten years later, a 12MP file is still sufficient to display full-screen without upscaling on a 4K display of any size or to make a print at least 12"x18". If your laptop 10 years from now has an 8K display, your eyes won't be able to discern the difference.

what do you mean?

I am already seeing the difference on my 15 inch 4K screen every day.

I don't believe you. Or rather, I don't believe that what you're seeing results from increased resolution in the original file. 4K is 8MP. TBH, I have not done a controlled test with my 12MP, 14MP, 16MP, 20MP, 24MP and 42MP cameras, but it is my belief that files from these cameras, downsampled to 8MP, will show identical levels of detail. This conversation has made me curious to see the results of such a test, but it is of little practical value to me - given that my 180ppi large prints look great to me and my customers - and I don't have the time to chase phantoms simply for the sake of educating others.

Do you have an 8K display and 61MP camera to see the difference from 4K can not be seen?

Do you?

that is my point.

That is not a point. It's a question.

so yea unless you are planning to die in 10 years.....

The technology is improving.
What people say enough 10 years ago already reaches it limits.

Everything has limits. But, the limits to what you can do with a 12MP file are no different now than they were 10 years ago.

If you want to print bigger than this or view on a 5K or higher-rez display and view at abnormally close distances, then yes, it helps to have more than 12MP.

12 MP only barely bigger than my 15 inch 4K display with an APS-c crop it is smaller than my screen.

The size of the pixels on a 4K 15" display are well below what the naked human eye can resolve.

I can see the difference every day by just using it normally.

Well, when viewing images full-screen (not 1:1) on my 4K 32" display, I don't notice any difference in detail between files of any resolution greater than the 8MP required to fill the screen. Even images from my 12MP LF1 compact look crisp and detailed. The pixel pitch of this display is about 136ppi, which equates to roughly 180ppi in a 12"x18" print. And, I know from experience that a 12MP file can yield a very crisp and detailed print of this size, and I've seen 8MP prints much larger than this that looked amazing.

you don't need to make big prints... you just need a new computer too see it. or maybe a good eye doctor would help in your case if you really cannot tell.

Now you're just being obnoxious, so you're going on my ignore list. Bye.

But, now we're talking about exceeding 42MP, which is a very much higher threshold and one that 99% of photographers will never surpass.

oh well I am not 99% then (where is this # coming from???)

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