Adapted legacy MF lenses on Fuji X cameras

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Re: Adapted legacy MF lenses on Fuji X cameras

SiFu wrote:


Been using the same lenses on all my bodies - in X-mount XPro1 and XT3; never had an issue, always liked the results. I mostly use them on Metabones Speedboosters and also one Lens Turbo II on my Fujis. All work as expected.

What "more" do you look for? More megapixels etc?



Hello SiFu,
Could you tell me some more about your user experience using Zhongyi Lens Turbo II, does the speedbooster affect the overall image quality (compared to without speedbooster)?
Currently my setup is Fuji XT-20 with S-M-C takumar prime lenses, I'm interested to acquired speedbooster, yet I'm nervouse about the overall image quality of this product, since Zhongyi Lens Turbo II has a optical element on it.

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