Reasons for wanting higher mega pixel count

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Re: Then 12MP is enough?

sportyaccordy wrote:

Steven Rodgers wrote:

I have a high end 4k monitor.

IIRC sony uses 6K and downsized to get the sharpest 4K video.

Take into account some aggressive cropping and 12MP or 16MP would be enough for your two points. A 12 MP sensor may have less noise due to the larger pixel size, and 6MP is enough for sharp 4K images. And I've seen highly detailed 30 inch prints from 8MP images, so that is covered too.

I think the real reason for more MP is the same reason we buy Dodge Demons. No one here will admit this I bet. I just bought an A7RIII and I drive a car with a large v8 so I am in that group.

According to people a lot smarter than me, when you factor in the losses from a Bayer filter the effective color resolution is about 1/2 the native resolution (with a bias towards greens). You also have to factor in aspect ratio. To view a full 3:2 photo you only get about 6 of the 8MP of your 4K monitor. So to that end 12MP is all that's "needed".

That said I have 6MP photos from my D40 that look great on my 4K monitor.

Well I can tell you that the 10 MP photos from my Sony R1 do NOT look great on my 4K screen, but it's a 50" screen, so maybe that's why. That said, the 14.7 MP photos from my Merrill and Quattro cameras really look great on that screen, as do the 36 MP photos from my Nikon D810.

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