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Re: Is it OK to simply like high resolution?

Jonas Palm wrote:

As in, not trying to justify it through some need, but simply enjoying what it provides in an image?

NO! That's not allowed.

The overwhelming majority of my images these days lead a completely digital life. I can wiew them as I like, zoom in on that travelling city scape, check out the fabrics of that traditional japanese wedding dress, the adornements of the notre dame, the insane load of stuff on la sagrada familia, the broche of my elderly mother, and the peculiar colour of her eyes inherited by myself and my daughters.

There is just so much information, so much to see and find.

And I like the pictorial effect when you look at an image and there is more, there is no perceptible limit, the image invites you in, to get closer, and when you do, you get rewarded by even more, pulling you in.

The feeling that you are looking through a clear window into another place and time, rather than a painting of it.

I don’t need it. But I enjoy it.

I'm with you. I like being able to zoom in on parts of a photo to "check it out"  . . . just as I like to travel around in the real world, just to see the various stuff. Why be stuck in the sky, viewing from above? Why be stuck on the highway, only being able to see what you can see through the window of the car as you drive by? Stop, get out of the car, and take a closer look. Having more megapixels in my photos lets me do just that with my photos. Last year I shot a photo of the oldest floating wooden ship. It's in Boston. Today I can look at that photo, and I can zoom in to see the details of the rigging and stuff like that. With a 4 MP camera (my Canon G3), I couldn't capture such great detail. If I had just stuck with that camera for all these years, I don't think I'd be as happy with my photos. I'm seriously thinking of replacing my 36 MP Nikon with the new 60 MP Sony. Sure, it's a lot of money to spend, but one day I just might be glad I spent that money. I'm glad I spend the money on the cameras I have now, so it's a pretty good bet I will appreciate the investment some day in the future. It gives me a sense of satisfaction. Do I need it? Did I need to step up from 4 MP? Really? Probably not, but I did, and I'm glad I did. I'll probably be glad I stepped up to 60 MP too.

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