Tilt-Shift lens worth it?

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Re: Tilt-Shift lens worth it?

Ian L wrote:

So i do a lot of interior and exterior building shots (commercial, real estate etc).

I know about and use the perspective correction in LR. But I've been wondering if it would be worth using an actual tilt shift lens?
I currently primarily shoot with a Nikon D850, but I also have a canon 5D mk IV.

I'd prefer to just use one camera body on a shoot. But, the canon has the widest tilt-shift lens and I'd prefer the wider shot.

So i have a few questions/concerns and I'm hoping someone else might have had to make the same choice and can give me some feedback.

1. First off - does it make a noticeable difference compared to just correcting in LR? It looks like for a more extreme correction, the lens does a better job. Plus I wouldn't have to crop the photo like you have to do sometimes with LR's tools.

2. If you do use a tilt shift lens, do you only use it when you need to correct for perspective? Or do you use it as one of your main lenses?

3. I can pick up a used canon 17mm TS lens for about $1700. There don't seem to be any used 19mm nikon TS lenses, so that would cost me $3100 new.

4. I imagine i'd be using this outside most often and not inside. In which case I think the difference between 17mm and 19mm isn't as critical. But if I'd ever wind up using this inside, I'd probably want the 17mm.

In an ideal world I could get the cheaper, wider lens and use it on the nikon so i don't have to carry two cameras with me. But considering i can get the canon lens for almost half the price of the nikon lens, and it's a little bit wider, i'm leaning towards that one.
Anyone know why there's such a huge price difference between the canon and nikon lenses?

I have 5DIV and all Canon TS-E lenses from 17 to 90mm including the new 50mm macro and I can not imagine my working life without them. I shoot mostly high end architecture and interiors for magazines, direct commissions from architects and interior designers and to me these lenses are a must. I do not have the 11 to 24mm so I can not comment on usefulness of that one but I suspect that my clients would not appreciate the 11mm wide perspective.

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