Mixing speedlights and studio strobes (flash duration)

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Ed Shapiro
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Re: Mixing speedlights and studio strobes (flash duration)

Effectively freezing motion with electronic flash is dependent on the flash duration of the main light source. If the speedligh you have in mind is capable of extremely short flash durations, enough to capture a water splash, IT has to be the primary ligh source.Most studio strobes and monolights have more moderate flash durations and if they are used in conjunctions withthe speedligh, this will defeat the extreme action stopping ability. If the studio unit is much more powerful,in output,it will overpower the lightg effect or ratio created by the speedlight.If the price point of those speedlight is reasonable enough. you migh consider the purchase of 2 or more units so that you can use multiple lighting with coordinated flash durations. Ofcourse, the speedlights have no modeling lamps so you will have to estimate the lighting positions and make a number of test exposures in order to arrive at you desired effect.

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